“Half-Eaten Banana?” It was from Matt, your best friend. The Half-Eaten Banana is mutually your favourite bar.\n\n<<back "Occult">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nShit! It’s everything this morning. The toothpaste cap is unscrewed and, worse, you can’t even find it. You decide to multitask in your annoyance, viciously brushing your teeth and, ah, enjoying your time on the crapper at once. You almost shove the toothbrush down your throat when you notice your [[lube]] in the shower. \n\nWhy?\n\nWhat?\n\nWho takes someone else’s lube in the shower?\n\nAnd it has to be your lube. You [[splurge on the stuff]]. \n\nYou stand up, spit, and then flush. You’re not sure [[what to think|Laundry Hall Text From Jane]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nWhat the fuck? \n\nThe only time you’d seen Jane involved in anything remotely occult was the one time that you, Matt, and Jane had bought an Ouija Board. You guys tried to commune with Dagon, some fish demon thing or other. \n\nNothing happened.\n\nSomething rustles behind you. You whirl around. Still nothing.\n\nBehind you? The noise sounded like it came from the closet. You grab the handle and take a deep breath. \n\nYou throw it open. A strangled sound yanks itself from your throat. \n\nJane slumps to the ground, clearly dead. Her neck is splotched purple. She's been strangled.\n\nHer phone is on the floor next to her. Makes sense that she didn’t pick up. Oddly calm, you pick it up. It occurs to you that you’re tampering with the evidence of a murder investigation, but you don’t care. You check her [[phone history|Jane's Room Death]]. \n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nIt’s dark. You fumble for the lights and turn it on. A single 60-watt bulb flickers to life.\n\nA shadow in the corner flutters. Your eyes flick to it, searching. \n\n“Probably a rat,” you mutter to yourself. “Just a rat.”\n\nAs you step forward, you hear the basement door close behind you.\n\nThe light dies. It’s pitch black. You’re alone. You barely have time to catch your breath before you hear the low rumble of something bestial. \n\n[[GO AGAIN?|11:00 PM]]\n\n<<set $playedOnce = true>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nYou step out of your room into the hall, where your washing machine and dryer are. You reach into your laundry bag and pull out what seems to be a clean-looking shirt. You give it a cursory sniff. It smells clean. You pull it on. You then rifle through the rest of the bag, looking for your [[favourite boxers]]. You can’t find them.\n\n\nLast night, a mix of dirty and clean laundry were threatening to teeter out of the bag. Today, the bag looks a little more tame. You can’t shake the feeling that there seems to be less laundry in the bag. Odd.\n\nYou think you hear the basement door [[open and close]].\n\nCould be your flatmate. “Jane?” you call down the hallway. \n\nNo response. Maybe Jane’s in a mood. [[Onwards|Kitchen]].\nOR\nHead down to the basement to [[see if Jane's in|Basement]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
Five rings… and then… “Hi! This is Jane. I can’t answer the phone right now. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back!” You consider leaving a voicemail and then hang up. This is all going to be a little too much to explain in two minutes.\n\n<<back "Occult">>
<<display "11:00 PM">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nFuck, that’s weird. As you finish yours off, you notice that there’s one of your cigarette’s in the ashtray, too. One you don’t remember smoking. Maybe it’s your lucky.\n\nYou go back inside, bothered. You walk into your room, grab your phone, and shoot Jane a text, asking her when she took up smoking.\n\nAt that moment, it strikes you that your teeth feel gross. You should [[brush them|Bathroom]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
It’s a small magnetic permanent marker from your landlord. It’s the nicest thing she’s ever gotten you.\n\n<<back "Kitchen">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nThere’s a half-typed text message addressed to you that reads, “Hey! Didn’t make it home last…”\n\nThe draft was saved from just moments ago. Jane couldn’t have written this.\n\nThere’s a sound behind you again, but before you can turn you feel a sharp pain in your head. You fall forward.\n\nYou die wondering why you can't see your assailant.\n\n[[GO AGAIN?|11:00 PM]]\n\n<<set $playedOnce = true>>
Weird. You definitely closed it last night.\n\n<<back "Table">>
God fucking damn it, Jane.\n\n<<back "Kitchen">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\n“We interrupt your regular programming for breaking news,” says another news anchor.\n\nThe TV cuts to a long shot of a house. It’s on fire.\n\n“Isn’t that your--?” Matt asks. You shush him, entranced.\n\n“We have Billy Walters live at the scene.”\n\nThe camera cuts to a blond news anchor, standing on the street outside of your home, looking a little out of breath.\n\n“The local fire department has traced the source of the fire back to the basement. The cause of the fire is unknown, though specialists suspect arson. Neighborhood residents reported what sounded like a domestic disturbance. Investigators have found a young woman, thought to be 23-year-old Jane Atkins, dead.”\n\n[[What?|Continued Broadcast]]\n\n<<set $playMinute += 2>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
You love east-facing windows. You fought Jane just to get this one.\n\n<<back "Wake Up">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\n“If there’s anyone there…” You stop. You’re not quite sure what you’d do if there really was someone down there. “I’ll find you!” You finish lamely.\n\nAs you reach the last step, the basement door swings open. “Oh Jesus fuck…” \n\nYou back up, panicking, but not fast enough to avoid what comes through the doors.\n\n[[GO AGAIN?|11:00 PM]]\n\n<<set $playedOnce = true>>
Maybe Jane's doing something in the basement? She's been hanging out there lately.\n\n<<back "Laundry Hall">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nYou have managed to shatter your phone. There appears to be nobody at the door.\n\nWoops.\n\nThen, you hear the door behind you open. \n\nOh fuck.\n\n[[GO AGAIN?|11:00 PM]] \n\n<<set $playedOnce = true>>
Like, personal lubricant. What? Sex is better when it’s wetter!\n\n<<back "Bathroom">>
Money-wise. Get your mind out of the gutter.\n\n<<back "Bathroom">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\n<<if $playHour lt 9 or ($playHour eq 9 and $playMinute lt 30)>>You go to the basement. You never understood why your tiny-ass place had a basement, anyway. You hear a strange sort of rustling coming from inside. It doesn't sound like Jane. Probably vermin.\n\nYou [[open the door|Early Basement Dead]]. \nOR\n[[Fuck this|Back To Hall]].<<set $basement = true>><<endif>><<if $playHour eq 9 and $playMinute eq 30>>As you reach the hallway stairs, you notice that the basement door is cracked open.\n\nWhatever the hell had been at the door got out.\n\nYour mind flashes to articles you’ve read on the Internet about people living for years undiscovered in other people’s basements and attics.\n\nMaybe it’s time to call the cops? You’re not inclined to involve the cops unless it’s absolutely necessary, though. \n\nYou take slow steps down the steps. “Hello?” Of course, there's [[no answer|Time Basement Dead]].<<endif>><<if $playHour gt 9 or ($playHour eq 9 and $playMinute gt 30)>>You stand at the top of the hallway stairs. You can see that the basement door is ajar.\n\nYou’re about to step down, but you stop.\n\nNo small animal opened that door.\n\n“Uh… Jane?” \n\nNo response.\n\nYou take a few steps down. “Hey! If there’s anybody in here, I’m armed!”\n\nBullshit. But they (it?) couldn’t know that.\n\nThe house is silent. You make your way to the basement door. You [[shove|Late Basement]] it open, ready to punch whatever may be lying in wait behind it.<<endif>>\n\n\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nYou head back out the door. You reach out for the light switch... but you don't turn out the lights.\n\nLeaving the basement door cracked, you jog up the steps. Down the hall, you see Jane’s door is wide open. It was shut earlier.\n\nYou lightly rap on the door and peer around the corner. “...Jane?” Of course she isn’t in. She hasn’t been since yesterday. Still, it's polite to knock.\n\nYou push the door open, slowly. Jane’s room seems undisturbed. Nothing is out of place. Almost every surface is spotless.\n\nHer desk is the only thing in disarray. Books on the occult and demonology lay open, some threatening to fall. It looks as if she left in a rush.\n\nYou reach out and grab [[Demons: A Children's Primer|Occult Books]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nInto the kitchen. The cereal is out on the counter. Annoying.\n\nSo is the [[milk]]. \n\nYou don’t know how long it’s been out of the fridge, and you don’t have the stomach to find out. You grab the [[marker]] off the fridge and draw a giant question mark on it to indicate its questionable status as a consumable before putting it back. You pour yourself a bowl of Loop-Os, sans milk, and sit down at the [[table|Table]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\n[img[http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs51/f/2009/278/5/f/L33T_NINJA_Magic_Circle_by_EuTytoAlba.jpg]]\n©2009-2013 EuTytoAlba\n\nYou flinch when you hear the basement door close. This shit is getting too weird.\n\nYou grab your phone and dial Jane's [[number]].\n\nJust as you’re about to put your phone away, it [[buzzes]]. It's not Jane, but an invitation out.\n\nYou blow off your friend to [[investigate|Jane's Room]].\nOR\nYou figure a [[stiff drink|Bar]] will clear your head.\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
Yes. You have a favorite pair of boxers. They make your ass feel fantabulous.\n\n<<back "Laundry Hall">>
<<set $playMinute += 15>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>><<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nThe Half-Eaten Banana is a modern American gastropub: The menu is covered in oddly-named burgers and artisanal beer is on tap. It’s also incredibly dim, which is fine around midnight but hell before noon. Your eyes take a minute to adjust to the light.\n\nMatt beckons you over to a corner table. The place is half empty. On the TVs dotted around the room, the local anchorman is droning on about jetskiing squirrels.\n\nAs you sit, Matt squints at you. “You look like shit.”\n\nJust as you’re about to launch into your story, the anchorman is replaced by a [[“Special News Bulletin.”|TV]]\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<if $basement eq true>><<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n<<endif>>\nYou reach for your laptop for your daily dose of the Internet. It's [[open]] at the table.\n\nThere’s a myriad of tabs open in your browser, even more than the twenty-something you usually keep open. You click through each one and find that you’re logged into all social media imaginable: Pinterest, Tumblr… even [[MySpace]] and LinkedIn.\n \nYou methodically click through and close each tab. The last thing you need to deal with is Jane hacking your Facebook and spilling “intimate secrets” about your genitals. Oddly enough, nothing’s been tampered with.\n\nYou finish up your cereal, now more confused than annoyed. You walk to the sink to do your dishes. Your blue plastic bowl with the built in straw is sitting in there, used. You frown.\n\nAh well. It's nice weather for [[a smoke|Balcony]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 10>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute\s-60>><<endif>>
You know, the cigarette you flip over each pack? The one you smoke for luck? It's an old urban tradition. \n\n<<back "Balcony">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nAt this point, every set of eyes in the bar is alternating between the tube and you.\n\nThe camera zooms onto your face. Other you is yelling something, but the camera’s microphone is too far away to pick it up. \n\nThe anchorman motions the camera to get closer to the action, and he jogs closer.\n\n“...next! You’re next! You’re next! YOU’RE NEXT!” other you screams.\n\nYou lock eyes with your doppelgänger right as the cops shoot, and, despite the impossibility of it all, you know the screams were directed at you.\n\n[[GO AGAIN?|11:00 PM]]\n\n<<set $playedOnce = true>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n<<if $basement eq true>>\nYou sit down to eat. Just as you’re about to spoon the first biteful of cereal into your mouth, you hear scratching at the basement door.\n\nYou gird your loins and [[go investigate|Basement]].\nOR\nFuck it. You'll [[call animal control later|Table 2]].<<else>><<display "Table 2">><<endif>>\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\n“Hey! Didn’t make it home last night. Won’t be back until tomorrow.” \n\nSo who was…?\n\nYou hear your front door open and close. You [[throw|Door Open]] your phone in its direction, as hard as you can.\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nNothing. \n\nRelieved, you grab the light switch. The small lightbulb hanging at the center of the room turns on.\n\nThe room is empty. The ground is riddled with some sort of… chalk art? You’re not sure. You move to get a [[closer look|Occult]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
11:00 PM\n\nYou’re quite the party animal, going to bed before midnight. You’re sure your roommate would make fun of you, if she were in. It’s why you’re surprised that the last thing you hear, before you drift away, is the front door opening and closing. Maybe she had a bad night?\n\nWhatever. [[Sleep|Wake Up]].
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nAs you walk out, you see your favourite boxers folded neatly on top of the rest of your clothes on the couch. The clothes that you thought were missing from the laundry.\n\nYou take out your phone again, about to shoot another angry text<<if $basement eq true>>, but you feel uneasy. Maybe you should check out the [[basement|Basement]]. <<else>>. Your phone buzzes. [[It’s from Jane.|Text/Throw]]<<endif>>\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nA shrieking cuts off the news anchor, who looks back at the house uneasily.\n\n“Police have reported that there’s an unidentified individual still present on the scene.”\n\nThe front door of the house bursts open. You run out the front door, screaming, making a beeline for the firemen. \n\n“What the fuck?” says Matt, who looks over at you, alarmed.\n\nThe cops on the scene immediately all pull out their firearms and begin yelling for other you to stop. Other you doesn’t, and knocks down a firefighter. Other you reaches for the firefighter’s axe. The cops converge on your position, still yelling for you to [[stop moving|Continued Broadcast 2]].\n
Your shitty high school band tries to autoplay your “hit single,” “Cocksmith the Anarchist: Rockmaster.” It’s the only song you’d ever recorded.\n\n<<back "Table">>
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nToday’s not the day. It’s a weekend. You’re not going to spend it chasing rats, or whatever else. Jane clearly isn’t here.\n\nYou spin on your heels and jog back up the steps. \n\nBack in the hallway, you feel a little silly for being so scared.\n\nIn any case, you’re feeling a little [[hungry|Kitchen]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute\s-60>><<endif>>
9:00 AM\n<<set $playHour = 9>><<set $playMinute = 0>><<set $basement = false>>\nYou wake up to the [[sun]] streaming onto your face. You stretch and [[swing your legs over the edge of the bed|Laundry Hall]].\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>
Nanar Mowad & Cat Cai
<<print $playHour>>:<<if $playMinute eq 0>>00<<endif>><<if $playMinute lt 10 and $playMinute neq 0>>0<<endif>><<print $playMinute>> AM\n\nYou grab up your jacket, which you slung onto your couch last night. You step out onto your balcony. It really is nice out.\n\nAll nine remaining cigarettes are facing downwards. Your pack is missing its [[lucky]]. You don’t remember smoking it.\n\nYou light your cigarette and cough on the inhale. The lighter is blue. Blue? You definitely bought a red lighter from the shitty bodega last weekend.\n\nSomething’s definitely up. You think back to the noise from the basement. \n\n<<if $basement neq true>>Maybe it’s time to [[look into it|Basement]]?\nOR<<endif>>\n[[Nope.|Balcony To Room]] None of this fuckery on your day off.\n\n\n<<set $playMinute += 5>><<if $playMinute gte 60>><<set $playHour += 1>><<set $playMinute = $playMinute-60>><<endif>>